🔪The terroir reinvented 🥕: Discussion with Chef Jonathan from Montreal


What a chance to live or visit Montreal. Why? Just to have the opportunity to taste the innovative cuisine of Chef Jonathan.
A solid 5 ⭐️ among the MiumMium chefs.

Tell us about your career as a Private Chef. How and why did you decide to make it a career?

Having worked a few years in real estate and arriving at the dawn of my thirties, my job did not bring me full satisfaction. A change of career was necessary! I always had an interest in cooking, even at a very young age, (I kept watching culinary shows even when it wasn’t popular). The choice to reorient my career towards cooking was the obvious one.  From the beginning of my studies at the Laurentian Culinary School, I knew that I had made the right choice, my passion for cooking was confirmed!

17b1b525-4d6b-4146-98ea-18e7d03b04a7Who were the biggest inspirations for your career?
I constantly innov
ate. My inspirations are, therefore, in constant evolution. The new chefs, who often bring a different vision of gastronomy, are part of my culinary references, for example in Quebec I admire: Dany Bolduc, Frédéric Plante, Charles-Antoine Crête and Antonin Mousseau-Rivard.


Do you have a culinary speciality?

My primary goal is to promote the richness of our terroir. The identity of Québec’s culinary culture has grown greatly in recent years and high quality products are at hand. It is essential for me to promote the use of Quebec products when developing my dishes.


Pomme caramela

What do you like most about being a Private Chef?

All ! From the creation of customized menus to the direct relationship with my clients . Before becoming a Private chef, I worked for a while in restaurants and hotels. To serve the same dishes night after night, bored me. I wanted to create my own menus, to bring my creativity to the client’s table and above all to share their joy, to hear their comments and to provide an exceptional experience.933a01f3-9a8b-4caa-8b7d-1b513bd0cb5e.jpegAnd you, what do you like to eat?

I like everything ! Really ! I like to discover new flavors, to taste new dishes, but above all, I like to be surprised  with associations of flavors and textures that are out of the ordinary.

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