The lady with the big knife: Discussion with Chef Andrée-Anne from Québec City


Whether you are from the region or planning a visit to the oldest city in Canada, you must welcome Chef Andrée-Anne to your home to share her passion.

BB traiteur a domicile 7Tell us about your career as a Private Chef. How and why did you decide to make it a career?

Since I was a child, I am a passionate cook. The love of the table and its surroundings energizes me. For more than 10 years, I worked in a professional kitchen. I experienced a wide range of types of cuisines that defined me as a chef and brought me, not to own a restaurant, but to be the restaurant. Cooking is an infinite world where there are always discoveries of flavors, textures and techniques. My passion leads me to focus on getting better every day.

Who were the biggest inspirations for your career?

My greatest inspiration is undoubtedly Marco Pierre White. I admire his career, his talent, his strength and his philosophy. He is a chef who cooks with passion and emotion and who knows how to transmit his love to all with great intelligence. He is a perfectionist with beautiful values. I remember something he said to a competitor during a culinary competition “I’d rather get served a king chicken pie than a mess of caviar” Amen !!

BB traiteur a domicile 13

Do you have a culinary specialty?

My specialty is to listen to my client and use the flavors of the world to create a menu perfectly tailored to his taste. My personalized and professional service, the quality of my products, my meticulousness, the techniques I use as well as all the attention I bring to the realization of a meal, allow me to stand out.

What do you like most about being a Private Chef?BB traiteur a domicile 8

The happiness that it brings me and being able to be a part of custo
mers’ new discoveries. We go to the restaurant, but without ever
having direct contact with the artist behind our meal. To be able to
offer this service to people in the comfort of their home is magic 🎉. Creating tailor-made menus for everyone, having direct contact with the customer, bringing this experience to life and getting out of the shadows make me a happy and fulfilled chef

And you, what do you like to eat?

ALL !!! Hahaha. Seriously, I am a true Epicurean and also, an assumed “gourmande” as we say in Québec. I love to taste new things and discover the new flavors. I never say no. Whether in our beautiful province or abroad, my thirst for culinary discoveries is always present. My openness to food, my gluttony and this obsession with gastronomic novelties are an integral part of who I am.

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