MiumMium joins force with HomeAway.

A message to all our MiumMium registered Chef:

MiumMium is pleased to announce the launch of our partnership with HomeAway.com.
Since March 01, anyone who reserves a property on HomeAway.com will be presented with the option to hire a MiumMium chef during their stay.More than 3000 of you have already completed their chef profile and are presently offering their services on MiumMium.com. For the others, we encourage you to take five minutes and complete the registration. Since Wednesday last week, the demand for our chefs has drastically increased across the globe and we expect requests to continue to rise as we unfold a more aggressive marketing campaign with our new partners.

Note that Chefs with menus and availability online continue to receive more demand. Our services remain completely free for chefs and you are at liberty to set your prices and menus. With our new custom menu option, you can meet the client needs easily and get them to reserve through our messaging service. Remember that MiumMium will increase your price by 10% and this amount will be payable by the client at booking. The client will pay the remaining amount directly to you the day of the event. As always, we ask you to refrain from sharing email or phone number details before the booking takes place.

We are here to help you increase your income and grow your business, for help or advice, don’t hesitate to write to us at: info@miummium.com.

Finally, I would like to thank you all for helping us become the largest marketplace of Personal Chefs on the web in less than a year.

Chloë St-Cyr
Tribe Chef

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