Here’s How Many People Would Choose Food Over Sex

Here’s How Many People Would Choose Food Over Sex

If given the chance to the have best meal of your life or the best sex of your life, what would you choose? It’s a difficult choice, isn’t it? Well, according to recent data released by MiumMium, a marketplace for on-demand chefs, almost a third of people would choose the best meal of their lives over sex. Shocked? Well, you shouldn’t be. Food gives us life! Sex gives us… well, if we’re lucky, an orgasm. It certainly doesn’t tickle the tongue (or belly) quite like a triple whipped Brie or a slice of New York’s finest. And I’m talking about pizza here, not the NYPD.

This isn’t the first time that a study has revealed that, for many, food trumps sex. A 2013 study of over 200 male and female Columbia University students found that 42 percent of them would give up oral sex before giving up cheese, with the majority of those people being women. But, hey, not all women are that into oral sex, so obviously cheese would win that contest.

So if you’ve found yourself presented with the choice of having sex or good food, and have opted for food, know that you are definitely not alone.

This article was written by Amanda Chatel and published on Bustle.


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